Staff & Chef at Discovery Kitchen Enugu

Our Staff are well trained to handle every service we offer professionally. From the customer service representative at the reception to the bar attendant, accountant, manager and chef at the kitchen and the security operatives, they all reflect our true dedication to top notch service delivery.

In turn, we also make sure our staff are comfortable while working. Our offices are fitted with comfortable seats, air conditioners and computers for communication and a great working environment. Most importantly, they are professionals and enjoy their work.

Our staff have great respect for customers, and we in turn hope that our customers respect our staff. Any complaints can always be lodged through the phone numbers or email addresses or contact forms in our website and we will surely take a look.

We source chef from many cultures and catering professions to make sure we have varieties and diversity reflected in our National and inter-continental menu. We also ensure the chef stick to our work policy for hygiene. There is a bathroom between the passage that connects the kitchen and staff changing room, to make sure they always take a shower every now and then.

We have safety locks in offices and rooms to keep their documents and bags safe. We have over 300 staff always at your service, especially during outdoor events. As always, quality is our watchword and our staff reflect that.