About Us

Discovery Kitchen Enugu is the most modern restaurant in Enugu state of Nigeria, with facilities of International standard, and situated at the popular Chime Avenue New Haven Enugu. It was opened in December 2014.

Discovery Kitchen Enugu is the ideal place for that special dining experience. The cuisine, the wine & beer, the service and the overall ambience make us your choice. Discovery Kitchen Enugu is purposely designed to create a cozy environment that is well suited to have conversations, get served freshly cooked quality meals and get offered chilled drinks of all brands. In other words, we provide friendly and attentive service in a relaxed environment, and our staff truly enjoy their jobs.

  • We provide take out, fast pick-up and on-site catering in addition to the full table service.
  • Featuring all sorts of dishes prepared to customer's taste
  • Excellent Food and friendly atmosphere
  • We provide menu options and all the details you need to plan your perfect dining event, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, corporate events, and family gatherings. Call us for any occasion.
  • Our parking space is adequate